Separately Managed

Whether you're saving for a new home, planning for retirement or in retirement, we have a portfolio model or tool to suit your needs, risk level and goals.

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Private Wealth

Our Private Wealth division is for high-net worth individuals seeking a personalized approach to investing, tax reduction strategies, business planning solutions and retirement opportunities.

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Often featured in various investment publications, the HCM Family of Mutual Funds offer three proprietary funds that investors can use to attempt to grow their wealth.

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The HCM-BuyLine®


The HCM-BuyLine®HCM BuyLine is our proprietary stoploss tool designed to mitigate downside risk and remove the emotion from the investing process. A disciplined strategy driven by mathematical market ratios, the model attempts to avoid major market downturns by moving out of equities while seeking to take advantage of market upturns.

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HCM Buyline
The graphic above - the HCM-BuyLine® in action - represents the dates that our proprietary indicator, the HCM-BuyLine®, identified changes in the market trend. When the HCM-BuyLine® indicates a bull market, Howard Capital Management then identifies the particular mutual funds, ETFs or individual stocks that we believe have the best return potentials in the current market from the universe of assets available in each given program and invests in them. Buys and Sells may or may not have occurred on the exact dates shown. These dates do not necessarily reflect transactions applied to every individual account. Also, certain products, custodians and portfolios may have a delay in execution. See full disclosures.

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