Cory Wheeler

Cory loves investing in the growth of both the people that he works with, as well as the systems that he works on. He’s always working to deepen his understanding of what he does and how he does, by dedicating a lot of time to persistent learning. Pulling everyone on his team together to learn something they can all benefit from is one of the things he loves most about his job.

Cory graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Computer Science and has been in the tech industry as a software engineer ever since. There is never a shortage of interesting problems to solve, and that is exactly why he chose to become an engineer. The technical stack he has worked with most recently is C#, .NET and various JavaScript frameworks.

When he is not working, Cory loves to spend time chasing his kids around, going to see live music, and learning to play the guitar. Both of his kids stay actively involved in sports, and that very much keeps his household on the go.